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We solve problems you didn't know you had!

Direct mail project management takes skill and most business mailings are occasional events. Your staff cannot be expected to know everything.

Work easily with our experienced direct mail coordinator who looks for potential problem areas (see Case Studies for examples) and is always on the lookout for ways to lower your postage and mailing service costs. Our affiliates across Canada and the U.S. are waiting to expedite your job no matter where you are located. We process any size of mailing destined anywhere in the world.

Technology and the internet give you new options for managing direct mail campaigns. It's easy to email your list and printing files and have them processed by us - no matter where you are located.

To begin discussion on your project and generate a quote, it is important you tell us:

1. Tell us which country you are mailing to
2. How many you are mailing in each country
3. The approximate size of your mail piece
4. How much it weighs
5. If it is an envelope, number of pieces to be inserted
6. How many lists you have
7. Your location
8. When you plan to have it in the mail
9. Do you require envelopes or inserts printed?
10. When you want it mailed

Call 604-888-0676 or 1-888-998-9878 toll free in North America or go to our quote request form.

PAYMENT TERMS: Postage is always paid in advance plus 5% Goods & Services Tax (GST).

Here are FREE Mail Piece Design Tips.


Is your list the reason direct mail postage is high?

Three of the possible reasons are waste (sending duplicates), inaccuracies (address is incorrect and will not be delivered) and neglect of the data (people have moved). We use specialized data processing personnel who have years of direct mail experience. They can create, clean up or improve any list and ensure personalization fits your marketing strategy. Benefit from our mailing expertise to resolve any data issue.

Below are some processes we offer and pricing depends on several factors. Call us to discuss.

• Eliminate duplicates
• Add or correct postal codes
• Correct addresses
• Run Candian or US lists through an address update program
• Create salutations
• Reformat joined data into separate fields (parse)
• Add Mr.or Ms to name field (genderize)
• Correct mis-spellings of cities (increases accuracy)
• Format provinces to 2 letter designation
• Create coding or variables (personalization/response tracking)
• Data entry (input with consistency of style)
• Divide or merge files
• Presort for bulk mailing (Canadian and U.S.)
• And much more. Discuss your situation with us.

Ignoring the quality and accuracy of address data (street, city, province/state and postal/zip code) will damage your marketing results and increase your costs. Read our FREE report on How Accurate is Your List? and let us improve the quality and accuracy of the addresses in your database.

Request our "Accuracy Analysis and Report" service. Your list will be run through an address correction program and you will receive a "before and after" listing of your data. It will show the records that were corrected, which records could not be corrected and thus considered "not deliverable" by Canada Post and which records are considered correct. This reporting service is available for Canadian addresses only. Cost depends on number of records in your list.

Here are 7 Database Tips on list design and data entry preferences including a list of province abbreviations.


Inventory control with pick and pack orders shipped daily via Canada Post, Fed Ex, USPS and UPS.

Mailing Response Handling - use our address and set up a business reply service. Let us handle the incoming!


Our first class printers have been selected on their quality of work and competitive pricing.

Inserts of all sizes, shapes and colors

No job is too big or small.

Let us print your envelopes even if you are not mailing through us! Receive free advice on type of flap, printing of postal indicia, graphics placement or choosing the size of envelope that is best for your needs.

PAYMENT TERMS: Full payment plus 12% combined sales tax (GST/PST). If paying by credit card there is an additional 3% fee.

We welcome all your inquiries. Please call Toll Free in North America 1-888-275-5475 or Direct Richmond: 604-379-5309 to discuss your situation, or ask us for a quote right away. to discuss your situation.

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