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Tip No. 1 - Graphic Design and Printers

It is a benefit to you when your graphic designer and printer are knowledgeable about postal rules. The design can affect your mail handling charges, postage, or acceptance of your mail by Canada Post. Work with your graphic designer and printer to discuss details such as:

Size - There are two postage categories based on size. They are Short & Long and Oversize. One millimeter over the Short & Long dimensions will put you in the Oversize category and postage will increase.

Weight - Short & Long maximum weight is 100 grams. Even though the size may fit into this category if it weighs more than 100 grams it will go into the Oversize category and you will pay more postage.

Thickness - Short & Long maximum thickness is 3/16" or 5 mm. If your mailpiece is thicker it will be in the Oversize category and you will pay more postage

Folding - Design your inserts and fold them so that they have a "clean" edge. Mailing houses use machines to insert your items in envelopes. If they cannot be machine inserted manual hand insertion costs as much as 5 times more per thousand.

Tip No. 2 - Affixing Postage

Design the postage area with the weight in mind. Mail pieces weighing more than 50 grams must bear a postal indicia. Design the relevant indicia in your artwork and eliminate metering costs.

Tip No. 3 - Self Mailers

Newsletters can be sent as a self mailer. Layout the back page to include the area for addressing and postal indicia. Eliminate the cost of purchasing envelopes and stuffing them.

Tip No. 4 - Postcards

An economical way of driving visitors to your website is to send a postcard. Be careful of the design, size and thickness. Canada Post has two processing options for addressed admail: Presort and Machineable and the size options differ. If you are using Presort there is no problem. Simply follow the Short & Long dimensions and leave a spot for the postal indicia and address on the back side. Be sure and leave enough room for inkjetting the address.

These tips are provided by All About Mail and are fully explained with dimensions and samples in our handbook SMOOTH Mailing.

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