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Our mission is to lower your direct mail costs,
create a smooth mailing experience and get the job done!
Let Us be your Canadian Partners.

How important is a hassle-free mailing at the lowest cost?

Technology and the internet give you new options for managing direct mail campaigns. It's easy to email your data lists and printers files and have them processed by us - no matter where you are located.

No longer must you use a mailing service located nearby, or be limited to the expertise of staff managing your mailing.

Direct mail project management takes skill and most business mailings are occasional events. Your staff cannot be expected to know everything about postal regulations especially in a foreign country or what mailing services are needed to process your job - which is the main reason direct mail costs tend to be higher than they should. Are you ever really sure you paid the lowest postage rate? And that means to anywhere in the world. We work with Canada Post, United States Postal Service and two international post offices to get you the lowest postage rate for any destination.

We work WITH YOU and pay attention to the details you may not be aware of. We serve YOU, not our own interests. We broaden your options by working with suppliers across Canada and the U.S.

To make this happen, we ask specific questions about your job to determine your design specs and which services you will need. We may make suggestions to keep your postage costs low before it's too late. It's easy and worry free.

Let us manage your:

  • List rental: Acess the Canadian market through up to date lists.
  • Data processing: (Verification are formatting for better delivery.)
  • Printing of material: (Print or a Mail)- no transport of your partner items . We keep the inventory.
  • Lettershop/Mailing Services: Personalized mail, addressing, low point levels, folding, binary, inserting, polywrap.
  • Worldwide Destination Mailings: Canada, USA + Overseas (Reduce your postage)
  • Warehouse, crossdock, inventory, destuffing of containers
  • E-Commerce order and let PDQ pick & pack from your inventory
  • Design your direct mail pieces
  • Parcel distribution (bulk) via Canada Post or domestic courier companies.

We create mailing solutions for businesses and guarantee satisfaction.

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